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Amidst economic hardships, Kiwi businesses grapple with a surge in receiverships and liquidations, with the IRD's unwavering pursuit of unpaid taxes adding to the challenges.

Unpaid Tax: Is IRD an ally or adversary?

New Zealand businesses have continued to face mounting economic challenges during the last few years. Earthquakes, cyclones, a pandemic, recession, and frequent official cash rate (OCR) hikes have taken their toll on many. Yet, in the midst of these hardships, IRD continues to demand its dues and case unpaid tax. Recent data shows New Zealand […]
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Navigating New Zealand Tax Residency

Understanding your New Zealand tax residency status is crucial when living in New Zealand. It determines how much tax you need to pay and what financial obligations you have.  Knowing it will help you make informed decisions about your employment, business opportunities, and investments. So, while it may not be the most exciting topic, it’s […]
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Learn how to maximise your tax deductions by claiming home office expenses. Understand eligibility criteria and allowable expenses for a potential tax break.

Home Office Expenses and How to Claim Them

Did you know some business-related home office costs are tax deductible?  Are you a small-business owner, contractor or freelancer and work from a home office? With the rise of flexible work arrangements, more people are working remotely and given up renting office space.  Consequently, the concept of a home office has taken on a whole […]
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Accountants have an in-depth understanding of financial management, tax laws, and other financial regulations, which can be crucial in developing a solid business.

4 ways an accountant can help you.

Small businesses are the backbone of many economies, providing goods, services, and employment to local communities. As a small business owner, you’re likely to face many challenges and obstacles. Least of all, you’ll need to manage your finances, taxes, and other accounting-related tasks. This is where an accountant can come in handy. They can offer […]
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6 tips to help you enjoy the summer break

[Updated 25 November 2023] Do you sacrifice holidays to focus on keeping your business operating?  If you are, you’re not alone.  A recent survey indicated three-quarters of small-business owners regularly work through holiday periods. At Business Advisory Services, we want to helping our clients maintain a work-life balance during the festive season. Throughout this article, […]
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I hope you and your families are safe and well.  On day 1 of our national lock-down, many of you are wondering how the New Zealand’s government’s wage subsidy will work.  This article tries to give you a summary, although please don’t shoot the messenger as we are all trying to understand these new measures. […]
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new GST rules

New GST Rules for Offshore Suppliers

The number of non-resident businesses selling products and services via the internet is increasing. Recently introduced legislation seeks to preserve a sense of fair play for Kiwi retailers. Kiwi retailers have suffered because many New Zealanders have bought goods and services from offshore suppliers free of GST. The “GST Offshore Supplier Registration and Remedial Matters” […]
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