Management & Governance


Why Cashflow Forecasts Are Critical For Your Business

Managing your business without a cashflow forecast is like driving with your eyes shut. You’ll probably be able to survive a short distance. But it’s dangerous and you won’t notice the danger until it’s too late. So what is cash-flow, why is it so vital, and how can you ensure you stay on top of […]
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Project Management Office Charters

There are many reasons for developing a Project Management Office Charter. A Charter, or similar project governance statement, is often seen as a useful way to outline the structures, principles, and project management processes to be followed within an organisation. However, effective project governance is often better executed with the aid of a well written […]
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Good financial management

Good financial management is essential to the survival and success of every business.  Unfortunately, many small business owners have relatively limited exposure to financial management and are unaware of how strategically important it is to their business’ performance. In general, financial management deals with the procurement of funds for a business and the effective use […]
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