Embedding sound project governance frameworks is critical. A project’s success or failure has a direct impact on an organisation’s reputation, stakeholder confidence and financial performance. A project’s success is increased when there is effective oversight, strategic alignment and clear and well-understood decision-making authority.

Our Risk Advisory Services’ team will evaluate your organisation’s capacity and capability to deliver
key project benefits on time and within budget. You’ll gain assurance that that:

Projects are aligned to strategic objectives and optimise return on investment.
Project risks are managed via effective governance and management practices.
There is adequate executive oversight at portfolio, programme and project levels.
Stakeholder confidence in project benefits and milestones is maintained.
Project governance and management practices provide effective fiscal responsibility, direction and oversight.
Key projects are tracking to plan, against budget, on time and realising expected benefits.

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To discover how we can help you to identify, manage and optimise your project risks, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Business Advisory Services’ Director of Risk Advisory Services, Mark Gwilliam, has extensive global experience working with organisations in all sectors.

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