Business Fraud

The impacts of Financial Crime and Corruption often go well beyond direct financial loss. Reputational damage, reduced employee morale and losing focus on core business goals score high among the damaging side effects regularly experienced. Organisations must carefully apply scarce resources to help prevent, detect and respond to fraud and corruption issues.

Organisations that understand how counter-fraud initiatives can effectively work together have a distinct advantage. These organisations are best placed to prevent fraud occurring, and when it does occur, detect and respond to fraud at the earliest opportunity, minimising the damage caused.

Counter-fraud programmes that align with industry “better practice” help provide confidence that an organisation is reasonably prepared and will withstand scrutiny.

Our Risk Advisory Services’ team can undertake a high-level assessment of your organisation’s current alignment to “better practice” fraud and corruption practices. Specifically, they can evaluate how your organisation’s processes are to:

Prevent fraud and corruption by having proactive measures to help reduce fraud and corruption occurring in the first place.
Detect fraud and corruption by having processes to uncover incidents of fraud and corruption when they occur.
Respond to fraud and corruption by having measures to take corrective action and remedy any harm caused by it.
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