Annual Returns

Preparing your annual financial accounts and tax returns requires a high level of professional activity. The process should provide you with confidence that your legal tax obligations will be met and give you the right level of information and insight to help you attain you and your business’ financial objectives. Having a Chartered Accountant prepare your annual accounts will ensure you meet these needs and offer you and your business with helpful insights to gain a competitive advantage.

At Business Advisory Services, we prepare annual accounts cost-effectively and promptly without compromising quality of service. Our meticulous internal controls and checks ensure that our standards remain high.

Prompt and accurate financial statements will help provide you with meaningful information to manage your business. They will help you to:

Track changes against prior periods and help measure your results
Identify opportunities to improve profit by monitoring spending and overheads
Manage key business risks
Identify you or your business’ strengths, opportunities, risks and threats
Secure investment or financing

Our service isn’t confined to preparing business accounts. Our affordable financial accounting service includes accounting for individual income tax returns. We’re highly adept in steering our way through the ever evolving and often complex tax and accounting legislation.

Our Chartered Accountants are committed to adding value via a personal service, rather than being focused on cost. They’re highly experienced in preparing annual financial statements and tax returns for all business types and structures, and individuals. We’d be delighted to help steer you towards your path to success.

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