4 Ideas To Navigate Your Business Through A Recession

As the owner of a small business, you’ve no doubt experienced tough times at some point. Even if you haven’t, things could be slowing down due to the effects of Covid-19. Don’t worry though! Almost every business will go through rough patches at some point. This doesn’t reflect on you. Sometimes, things are just out […]
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Why Cashflow Forecasts Are Critical For Your Business

Managing your business without a cashflow forecast is like driving with your eyes shut. You’ll probably be able to survive a short distance. But it’s dangerous and you won’t notice the danger until it’s too late. So what is cash-flow, why is it so vital, and how can you ensure you stay on top of […]
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Why retailers need to understand financial metrics

If you operate in the highly competitive and fragile retail landscape you’ll need more than a basic grasp of accounting. You must know which financial metrics affect your business and how to measure and monitor them. This article highlights four common financial metrics that every retailer should be reviewing every month. It also explains what […]
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The Importance of Properly Recording Director’s Drawings

If you’re a company director, you may be tempted to use the company’s funds to pay your own personal expenses.  For example, you might be tempted to withdraw money to pay for your new boat, holiday, pay your mortgage or simply pay yourself a regular “salary”. These type of transactions are typically called “drawings” but […]
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The emerging benefits of debt factoring

One question that clients often ask is “how can I get people to pay me quicker?”. As they say “cash is king” and with ever spiralling bad debt due to the recession, everyone seems to be feeling the pinch.  It’s possible that your customer is waiting to be paid before they can pay you. But […]
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