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NZ Minor Parties’ Tax Policies

New Zealand’s general election on 14 October 2023 is fast approaching. As is customary, tax policies continue to be a prominent subject of debate as the election approaches. During the lead up to the election, the various political parties’ tax policies have been grabbing headlines. Some parties advocate for sweeping alterations to our tax system, […]
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Rental Property Accounting Basics

  Do you own a rental property or even a portfolio of them? Do you use a rental property accountant or leave your administration and bookkeeping to chance? For many property investors, day to day bookkeeping and administration is something that is often overlooked. Like most investments, having good accounting processes is essential to keep […]
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Why Ring-Fencing will Punish Residential Property Investors

This article discusses how the proposed legislation to “ring-fence” residential rental losses could negatively affect residential property investors. The current governments is committed to pursue it pre-election promise to “ring-fence” rental losses. It apportions blame for the housing price inflation squarely on residential property investors and speculators. Its policy ignores the true cause of house […]
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A guide to tax deductible expenses for the New Zealand property investor

Expenses that are deductible for tax for investments in New Zealand property follow the general principle that the expenses should have been incurred in connection with the property.  Thus expenses of the following nature would be fully deductible for tax: – Accountancy fees for the preparation of property accounts, – Bank charges both for loan […]
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