Business Consulting

7 Strategies To Avoid Exhaustion For New Businesses

Starting your own business might be one of the most thrilling and daunting steps you’ll ever take. At the start, you’ll feel driven to work late and on weekends because you want your new company to thrive. Over time, working too hard might cause burnout. You might even lose the passion you feel for your […]
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5 Ways to Boost Your Cash Flow

Budgeting and Forecasting Process Roadmap

Can your business succeed without a budgeting and forecasting process?  The answer is…probably, yes.   Good budgeting and forecasting processes are two important steps to skilfully run your business and achieve your financial goals.   The recent COVID-19 pandemic has put many businesses under significant financial pressure.  Here are nine ways to help you develop a simple […]
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Why Cashflow Forecasts Are Critical For Your Business

Managing your business without a cashflow forecast is like driving with your eyes shut. You’ll probably be able to survive a short distance. But it’s dangerous and you won’t notice the danger until it’s too late. So what is cash-flow, why is it so vital, and how can you ensure you stay on top of […]
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I hope you and your families are safe and well.  On day 1 of our national lock-down, many of you are wondering how the New Zealand’s government’s wage subsidy will work.  This article tries to give you a summary, although please don’t shoot the messenger as we are all trying to understand these new measures. […]
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Why retailers need to understand financial metrics

If you operate in the highly competitive and fragile retail landscape you’ll need more than a basic grasp of accounting. You must know which financial metrics affect your business and how to measure and monitor them. This article highlights four common financial metrics that every retailer should be reviewing every month. It also explains what […]
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unattached directors

Independent Directors – A Valuable Addition To Any Company

In my experience, the majority of small business owners presume that only big companies use independent directors.  However, independent non-executive directors can add a great deal of benefit to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Owner-managed businesses are often opposed to engaging outside directors or consultants.  I’m sure this is partly due to our Kiwi […]
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Project Risk Management and Assurance

IntroductionWhy do so many organisations embark on high-risk projects without demanding robust project assurance? Projects fail for many reasons. Recent global studies indicate that inadequate risk management is a common cause. Successful project managers aim to resolve risks before they occur, via systematic risk management processes. Many projects are inherently exposed to myriad risks and […]
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Project Management Office Charters

There are many reasons for developing a Project Management Office Charter. A Charter, or similar project governance statement, is often seen as a useful way to outline the structures, principles, and project management processes to be followed within an organisation. However, effective project governance is often better executed with the aid of a well written […]
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