Focus, focus, focus – Why it’s important to your business

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Do you suffer from Entrepreneurial Attention Deficit Disorder (EADD)?

This article discusses how to transform your big vision and turn it into reality. Basically that means taking you out of the idea zone and into a fully focused action zone. It will help you overcome EADD and fully commit to your business.

So you might be thinking “That’s not me!” Let me give you a few examples.

If you list on your business card that you’re a mechanic, a panel beater, web-designer, multi-level-marketer selling health products, chances are you have EADD – how can anyone focus on so much and so many different services? I had one client recently who did just that. But seriously though, most people suffer with EADD at some stage. Take comfort that you are not alone.

So here’s the plan. You need to focus on what’s the most important now. There are so many things that you can do in your business. You could build your website, download the latest business app, listen to a training teleseminar or host your own, read the business pages in the newspaper, post comments on Face Book, etc. There are a thousand things you could do.

Let me share with you 3 things that I do when I’m feeling like this.

The first step is to remind myself and be crystal clear on my “Why”. You started your business for a purpose. Perhaps you wanted to help others. You want to turn your vision into reality but somewhere along the way with all the hustle & bustle, the marketing and balancing the finances your purpose gests pushed to side. I always return to what’s most important and ask myself “Why am I doing this business?” In my case, it’s really to impact other people because I’m on a mission to help people succeed and because doing this helps provide an incredible lifestyle for my family and me.

Keeping firmly focused on that gives me real purpose and the drive and passion to overcome tough times.

Next, I ask myself “What’s the quickest path to the cash?” If you want to turn your vision into reality you’ve got to begin making money now. You might require a big team, you might require a big network, you might require a big fancy vehicle (I don’t!) to reach your big vision. So the sooner you start making money, the sooner you’ll achieve your vision.

What’s your fastest path to cash for right now so you can begin to create the wealth you need to fuel your business?

Thirdly, I make big decisions fast. So many entrepreneurs procrastinate or suffer indecisiveness. They ask themselves “Should I do this?” or “Should I do that?” or “Is this the right thing for me to do?” and never take action. Every time I’m at that cross-roads and feel overwhelmed, I pause and I ask myself “What’s the next decision I should make right now to kick-start some action?” I know that the quicker I act, the quicker I resolve this.

So remember…focus…focus…focus. Focus on what’s important to you and to your business and make decisions because that’s what your business needs.

What’s your big vision and what do you have to do to make it come to life?

Remember, your vision is possible. You just need to stop wishing, stop waiting and take action!


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