Business Advisory Services Tips – How To Choose An Accountant

It’s difficult to find a reliable chartered accountant—so difficult that it is becoming a standing joke in the small business fraternity.  Trying to identify a suitable chartered accountant is difficult as there is often too much information around to narrow down your options.  Here is some guidance to help you choose one with the right skills and scope of business advisory services.

Chartered Accountants today are so much more than just ‘number crunchers’.  Their business advisory services skills cover a huge range of business areas, which makes them ideally placed as strategic business leaders.

This development into strategic professionals has required chartered accountants to incorporate better communication, persuasion and leadership skills. These are just the beginning of the overall skill set that high-quality chartered accounting professionals have today.

Professional Qualifications

To maintain membership to a recognised professional accounting body, chartered accountants must carry out a specified amount of professional development each year. This ensures that they keep up to date with changes and are adopting best practice.  Membership also prescribes that members operate within a strict code of ethics and conduct.

A good chartered accountant should provide a range of business advisory services and also bring a wide business perspective to help your business prosper.  For the small business owner, your chartered accountant should provide sound and reliable advice. They should evaluate your business problems and offer credible solutions. To achieve this, they must look to understand your business right from the very first time you meet with them.

Good communications

On-going, regular communication is a symbol of any good business relationship.  Your chartered accountant should communicate with you regularly and be committed to developing the right level of rapport with you.  Look for one that is proactive and is not just happy to see you once a year when it’s tax return time.


Finding a good chartered accountant or business advisory services specialist and building an on-going business relationship will be a major decision for you.  It’s worth spending some time on finding the right one for you.  A good chartered accountant or business advisory services provider should become an invaluable aid to business throughout the its life-cycle.

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