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    "Mark has been working with me since May 2004 on many aspects of my business.

    He is very approachable & offers me practical advice and his communication skills are excellent. I would have to say Mark gives his all and is determined to help his clients succeed".

    Owner, Small Pet Shop

    "Mark Gwilliam and his team at Business Advisory Accounting & Tax Services has been my full service accounting department for many years for my companies.

    I rely on the fast, friendly and accurate information they provide me to analyse and concentrate on running my business. Any information that I need is readily available. To eliminate the costs and hassles of in-house accounting, I highly recommend Mark's team."

    Owner, Medium sized building business
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Am I in the Right Business?

Are you tired of working constantly without a vacation and having the money to show for your efforts? If you are wondering whether you are in the right business, consider the following questions:

Do you know the ins and outs of your business?
Understanding the ins and outs of your business and the industry that your business is in is a crucial component that will determine whether you will be successful. Are you aware of the key metrics for your business success?

If not, take a moment and complete a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Draw a T-chart on a blank sheet of paper and diagnose your current business successes and failures.

If there is not enough opportunity and too many threats and weaknesses, you are potentially in the wrong business. If there are strengths and opportunities, revise your business plan to cater to these listed items.

Do you have a solid business plan?
Developing and executing a solid business plan is a crucial step toward ensuring that your business will become successful. Include accurate cash flow projects and forecasts for your expected profit so that you can review this information and make informed decisions about what your next business steps will be.

Are you spending time on non crucial tasks?
Choosing the core tasks to focus your energy on can be challenging. Many small business owners spend most of their time putting out fires and working in the business instead of strategically working on their businesses. Define the core tasks in your business that drive its bottom line and structure your schedule so that these tasks are dedicated the most time and that they receive daily priority.

For more information on how to leverage your time, read my article called Leverage your Time and Use it More Effectively.

Do you know the business that you are in and have passion for it?
Lack of passion will almost surely cause business failure. Ensure that the business you are working on is something that you are familiar with and that you can fully get behind, as it is passion that will provide the needed energy to fuel the business toward success.

When you are familiar with a particular industry or field, the training that you have received, the knowledge of the industry and the network that you have built will better enable you and your business to achieve success.

Choosing the right business to invest your time into can be challenging and if you are currently a small business owner who is not seeing the levels of success that you desire, as yourself these questions to reposition yourself for a higher chance of success moving forward.

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