You And Your Business Idea

One age-old question has puzzled many entrepreneurs to this very day – “what does it take for my business to succeed?”

Many budding entrepreneurs, with aspirations of succeeding, dive headfirst into their new business venture. Some triumph; others fail.  With so much uncertainty in the current economy, many hopeful entrepreneurs may have to toil hard just to keep their business viable, let alone make it thrive.

3 fundamental factors to succeed in business

There are myriad factors to consider when starting a small business.  Many will agree that three critical factors will help facilitate success. They are:  Having a viable idea; relevant skills & attributes; and adequate capital to invest in the business to sustain it until it generates income on its own. 

How viable is your business?

It may seem obvious, but one critical aspect is to test your business’ viability before your start.  Having a good idea is not always enough.  You must have a market and customer base that want your products or services and will pay your asking price. 

To begin, do some research to determine if there is a specific market need that is not being satisfied by others and then form a market niche using your results.  This will provide a solid platform for your business with opportunities for it to grow into a viable enterprise.  Solicit feedback from potential customers to determine if there is a market for your products or services and what price they’d expect to pay.  This feedback is an essential part of building your business.

Acquire a good measure of the competition you’ll face, since it will give you a clearer understanding about what demand exists for your products & services.  If you can’t use the information you gather to gain an “upper hand” against your competitors, you’ll find it much harder to turn your business idea into a viable one.  Your data gathering will enable you to create your business plan – tailored to you and your customers’ needs.  You might make minor adjustments, major changes or even abandon your business idea altogether.  But the exercise will be worth it and will set you on a path to achieving success.
Consider your skills & attributes

It’s essential that you have “what it takes” to turn your business idea into a sustainable business.  Your knowledge & experience, as well as your personality, skills, attitude & commitment to your business will add great weight behind your quest for success.

But if you are lacking in some areas, don’t panic.  Admittedly, having natural ability will be a huge advantage for many aspiring entrepreneurs.  But that doesn’t mean you have to start off with all of these attributes.  You can acquire experience & knowledge as you go, and seek advice, support and resources from others.  Many will argue that other qualities such as; ambition, passion, drive, resilience, commitment, self-confidence, belief & discipline are just as vital and separate the losers from the winners.

Can you afford to start your own business?

To earn money, you may need, at first, to invest or spend money.  Having adequate funds at the outset is likely to be essential to pay for your business’ overheads and your own living costs until your business produces a livable wage for you.  A few achieve success almost instantly – but most do not. 

Use the 3 tips in this article to give yourself a “head-start” and make your business the success you dream of.

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