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    Owner, Medium sized building business
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You Don’t have to Have all of the Answers; It is okay to Seek Help Once in a While

If you are too proud to ask for help in your business, you are missing out on many valuable learning opportunities. Mentoring is an essential tool to utilise in business. Mentors, business associates, friends and family can all provide valuable insight to assist you in your business success. Mentoring is one of the best sources for quality information and business wisdom on an ongoing basis and is simple to arrange.

Choosing a mentor is an important decision. Start by searching for someone in your business field that is currently in the place where you would like your business to be. Ask for a small amount of their time on a weekly or monthly basis, either in person or via a teleconference. Mentors are generally business owners who have more experience than you, who have achieved a higher level of success and who can become a trusted advisor to you and your business; and, their time is often free.

As a business owner, you are generally on your own. No more bosses to ask advice from and often few employees to bounce your ideas off of. Every business owner needs to have a great sounding board and sometimes they need emotional support throughout their business journey. Read my article, Why it Pays to Have a Network of Advisors, for more information about choosing the best mentor.

Learning from the business mistakes that your mentor may have made may help you avoid those same mistakes while you are growing your business. A mentor’s perspective and past experiences will help you to propel forward quicker in your business strategy.

Business mentors can also offer you access to an extended social network, offering you and your business access to senior decision makers to help you along. People like to help other people, and mentoring is a primary way for successful business owners to give back to the business community.

Mentors provide you with a no pressure and no ulterior motive relationship. This level of openness fosters better communication and a comfortable learning environment. The establishment of trust is something that typically grows into a long term trusted business relationship.

Don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for help in business. Mentors are a tremendous resource for any business owner, at any stage and will help you go further than you would be able to go on your own. Seek out a mentor to begin moving your business forward.

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