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The Successful Entrepreneur’s Mind-set

Following on from last week’s article about adopting an Olympian’s mind-set in business, we should consider a similar correlation with how to become a successful entrepreneur.

With the right mind-set, anyone can become a successful entrepreneur.  The question is:  Do you have one?

What makes a successful entrepreneur?  Let’s start with a simple definition for an entrepreneur.  An entrepreneur is someone who is not afraid of assuming accountability and responsibility for starting and managing a business.  Today’s business world is a far cry from the past and tough competition requires someone being able to spot opportunities where others may not and fulfil the needs and wants of the end consumer.

Successful entrepreneurs have a few characteristics or traits that set them apart, including the following:

  • They love what they do & display high levels of enthusiasm in everything they do;
  • They set high expectations & goals and continually strive to exceed them;
  • They are highly creative and discover solutions to people’s wants and needs;
  • They are positive people and do not surround themselves with negative people or adopt negative thoughts;
  • They do not procrastinate and they make “snap” decisions, based on instinct, when necessary.

Entrepreneurs are pragmatic when tackling problems they face.  Their positive attitudes ensure that they look for solutions to problems presented to them.  They do not abdicate responsibility and look to own and solve their problems, although they recognise that they may need to solicit other people’s skills and experience.

Here are a few tips that will help you develop an entrepreneurial mind-set:

Develop your own mind-set

To succeed, you must develop a mind-set that is geared to achieving and surpassing your goals.  Evaluate your current mind-set and then evaluate how it’s led you to where you are today.

Adopt similar behaviours to other successful entrepreneurs

Many successful entrepreneurs will gladly share their experiences and road to success.  They believe that there are abundant opportunities.  Head down to your nearest library, book-store or search the internet for books they have written and discover the tips and techniques that successful entrepreneurs adopted.

Think big, set goals and milestones to achieve them

Entrepreneurs understand the value of setting goals as an essential step in achieving success.  They think big and continually review how they are progressing towards their goals.  Much of their day is focused on achieving them and they ignore distractions that take them away from them.

Get involved and increase your knowledge

Successful entrepreneurs have a thirst for knowledge and keep themselves up to date with market events and opportunities.  They read, observe other like-minded people and always look to increase their greatest piece of intellectual property – their minds.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, increase your chances of succeeding by adopting the winning habits that successful entrepreneurs adopt.  Set goals, be creative and most of all have fun doing it!

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