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‘Marketing’ archive

How to design your core message

How you design your core message is probably one of the most critical and primary steps in marketing.  It sets the foundation for creating clear, focused and specific marketing messages.  The key message produces valuable strategies for many other marketing applications like your emails, brochures, your “elevator” pitch, sales letters and more.

Developing your core message takes you closer to market control, as your message grabs the attention of your target audience and affirms your branding and product positioning.

Conceive it with insight  
Whilst creating your core message, concentrate on your customers’ problems and come up with practical solutions for them.

The reply to the next questions will unquestionably help you to do so.

Who is your market?  You must understand your core audience, and the factors that stimulate them.

Why do they want your services?  Recognise what their problems actually are, and how you may really help them.

Think about the following points to make your key message more effective.

Keyword analysis - Meticulously evaluate the keyword phrases that you want in your key message to impart your brand and value.  And, make a list of words that you ought to keep away from.

Remember your sales cycle: Your key message must be suited to every part  of your sales cycle.

Message testing:  Assess it to guarantee that it works in all situations.

Train your teams:  Everyone in your team who will use this message must be taught why you’re using it and its consequence.

After you have created your core message, it’s time to use it for all your marketing communications such as your website, professional biographies, introduction letters to potential referral sources, networking introductions, radio and print advertisements and even in media releases or while talking to the media.  

At Business Advisory Accounting & Tax Services our core message is “helping you succeed” because that’s what we firmly believe in.  Our process are designed to do that.  Or staff are taught to achieve that.  And our philosphy as soon as we walk into our office is that.

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