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Ask and you will find – some great questions to ask yourself

I’ve been scribbling notes in note-books, backs of beer mats, etc for many years now.  My notes are typically about quotes that motivate me, ideas that spring to mind & books to buy or get from the library.

Do you take notes?

Great questions can generate great ideas & insights, provide much needed clarity and help stay focused.

Here’s a quick summary of some questions that you could ask yourself:

What have I been putting off (procrastinating) recently that I could/should begin today?

>>  By asking yourself this, you’ll be taking a giant step towards something better.

What’s the BEST use of my time right now?

>>  Delegate those tasks that you can get someone else to do more cost effectively & focus on the important tasks that’ll propel your business forward.

What tasks or jobs could I eliminate or do much less of, so that I can achieve MORE in my week?

>>  Many business owners become obsessed with looking busy (I call this busyness).  But being busy can be akin to laziness – taking the easy route and not the hard one!

What MUST be done in my business?

>>  George Bernard Shaw wrote “Doing what needs to be done may not make you happy, but it will make you great”

What can I do right now to create more value in my business?

>>  Rather than complaining about falling income, demanding customers, etc, ask yourself this searching, but powerful, question to help you produce some great ideas.

I believe that the quality of the question generally dictates the quality of the answer & many great things are achieved by asking a question.  Ask any 4 year old with a thirst for knowledge!

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