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Archive for March, 2008

Identify your target market for the best results

Before you begin, you must understand one thing. No matter how much money you spend on your marketing strategy, your attempts will be fruitless if you are marketing to the wrong audience.

Before you implement any marketing strategy, first identify your target client.

Determine who wants and needs your product or service. This will ensure that your marketing efforts have a greater chance of success.

You may have already defined your target market. You may have identified your clientele as middle class, 35-55 year olds. This isn’t enough information. You need to know your client intimately.

Learn their education level, their location, and their hobbies. Find out how your clients spend their money. The more you know about your target market, the better able you will be to tailor your marketing efforts.

Your marketing should speak directly to the audience and move them to use your service or purchase your product.

A survey of your target market will help you gain a better understanding of your clientele. You can make your product or service better, and improve communication with your customers by understanding their needs and desires.

Moreover, by listening to your potential customers and acting on their suggestions, you give the client a chance to put their personal mark on your business. What better way to motivate them to give your product or service a try?

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